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Podiatry Enfield - 2. page

Is it a corn or is it a verruca?

How can you tell whether you have a corn or a verruca. Well for a chiropodist this is generally easy as we see hundreds every year, but as a simple […]

Why has my toenail turned black?

So why do nails turn black and cause us such concern? Well the simple answer is that the nail bed has had a bleed and the nail plate, which is […]

The Answer is 26 Bones!

Next time you and your friends are attending a pub or school quiz evening and the questioner asks, with a smug grin, how many bones are there in the feet, […]

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Why does massaging your feet feel so good!

Should having a foot massage be just a treat or could it, ┬áif performed regularly, be something that can improve the general health of our feet? Well the answer to […]

When to purchase new shoes

When buying new shoes, trainers or boots it is important to think about the time of the day that you make that purchase. To make sure your new shoes fit […]