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Fungal Nail




Fungal nail infections have been a problem for people for years. One of the main reasons why nail treatment products fail to work is because they do not penetrate the nail plate and then flush into the nail bed where the fungal infection resides. The infection therefore remains in the plate and continues to spread.

New technology has now provided a solution. The Clearanail drill empowers the Chiropodist to make micro pathways through the fungal nail in order to provide access to the nail bed. The device creates multiple tiny holes retracting automatically before reaching the nail bed. There is no pain to the patient. When completed the patient will apply the recommended topical treatment over a designated period of time.

THE CHIROPODY CLINIC ENFIELD now offers this treatment.                                             fungalnail


After initially diagnosing whether a fungal infection is present and that this type of treatment is suitable, the Treatment Pathway includes initial reduction of nail(s), a photo record of the nail, creation of micro pathways into nail plate and an information sheet. The fungal product used is Lamisil 1% Spray which can be purchased at the clinic.

A follow up appointment after 8 weeks is recommended where a further photo record will be taken and further micro pathways are created if needed. In more difficult cases a third treatment may be required.This is not always the case.

In some instances, the results may take over 6 months to be achieved. This does not necessarily mean that more treatment is required.

Single Clearanail Treatment £95

Follow up appointments are £95 if further micro pathways are required otherwise a regular appointment fee of £48 will apply.

If you are interested in this treatment we are very happy to send you a more detailed information pack about Clearanail. Please telephone on 020 8364 6868 or send us an email to

The success rate for this type of treatment is high however we cannot guarantee that all nail treatment will be a success for all patients.