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The Chiropody Clinic Enfield


Medihoney – anti-bacterial gel, with 100% medical grade Manuka honey is a wound care product that can advance the healing process. Many of our patients have found the benefit of […]

New Technology For Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infection has always been difficult to treat due to the infection basing itself in the nail bed. Topical products painted onto the nail can only penetrate the plate […]

FS6 Foot Sock

At the Chiropody Clinic we have been using this great product for the last two years. The FS6 is a Compression Foot Sleeve that we use to help relieve the […]

Long Shoe Horns – Wow!

Although I have stocked and sold Long Shoe Horns for years at the clinic I have never used one myself until recently. Having just had a short break from work […]

Heels to Flats, Watch Out!

Just a short reminder to all you long term high heel wearer’s out there about a common problem that can affect you as the holiday season approaches. So you have […]


Chilblains, oh yes that’s what granny suffered from in the old days! Well hold on a moment because you would be wrong. When winters are cold we see plenty of […]

Chiropody Christmas Gift Vouchers

If you are racking your brain trying to come up with a good idea for a gift for a relative or close friend this Christmas why not treat them to […]

Haglund’s Bump.

Are you one of the many people who have a lump on the back of your heel? Does it sometimes get inflamed and become sore? Are you wearing high heels […]

Monday morning blues!

I have just had one of my favorite patients in for an appointment. I know you shouldn’t have favorites but she is one of mine, I just can’t help it. […]