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When to purchase new shoes

When buying new shoes, trainers or boots it is important to think about the time of the day that you make that purchase. To make sure your new shoes fit […]


Although difficult to treat, being a virus, we use the Dentron Biogun (a completely pain free treatment)  to help weaken the verruca so that when combined with clinical procedures and […]

Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain

This has really become quite a common problem affecting all age groups. Central heel pain when standing or walking which can radiate forward along the inner arch can be quite […]

Thickened Nails

There are many reasons why toe nails thicken, trauma to the plate and disease are a couple, however when a nail has thickened and become difficult to cut yourself an […]

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections take many forms. Sore, itchy splits in the webbing between the toes, raised blister like areas to the soles of the feet and of course in the nail […]

Nail Varnish

Don’t wear nail varnish all the time, the nail plate needs a chance to breathe. Not taking a break from wearing it will change the colour of the nail plate […]

Hidden Surprises

Check the insides of your shoes regularly, you will be surprised what you find! At the clinic we regularly pull out all sorts of things from within a shoe including […]

What socks to wear

Wearing a pair of tights or socks that are too small can be just as bad for the feet as wearing a too narrow or short a pair of shoes;

Foot Filing

Did you know that over foot filing will create more hard skin so best advice is to only footfile once a week;