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Monday morning blues!

I have just had one of my favorite patients in for an appointment. I know you shouldn’t have favorites but she is one of mine, I just can’t help it. […]


Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot produce insulin, or does not produce enough. Insulin helps your body use the glucose in the blood to give you energy. If […]

Is it a corn or is it a verruca?

How can you tell whether you have a corn or a verruca. Well for a chiropodist this is generally easy as we see hundreds every year, but as a simple […]

Why has my toenail turned black?

So why do nails turn black and cause us such concern? Well the simple answer is that the nail bed has had a bleed and the nail plate, which is […]

The Answer is 26 Bones!

Next time you and your friends are attending a pub or school quiz evening and the questioner asks, with a smug grin, how many bones are there in the feet, […]

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Why does massaging your feet feel so good!

Should having a foot massage be just a treat or could it, ┬áif performed regularly, be something that can improve the general health of our feet? Well the answer to […]