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Is it a corn or is it a verruca?

How can you tell whether you have a corn or a verruca. Well for a chiropodist this is generally easy as we see hundreds every year, but as a simple rule of thumb follow these guidelines –

Corns:- are compacted dead cells mostly round in shape, a grey/yellow colour which will hurt when pressed or squeezed. They tend to appear on areas of the foot which are subject to friction or pressure. That means the tops of the toes, particularly the 5th toe, in between the toes, the 4th and 5th is the most common and on the ball of the foot where the main forefoot bones are situated. Corns are generally caused by rubbing shoes, friction from slippage or excess pressure  being applied to a joint caused by overloading. This could be that you have been on your feet for too long wearing inappropriate foot ware or your body weight is too great.

Verrucas:- are a virus passed  from person to person, generally picked up at swimming pools and gyms, they can appear anywhere on the foot and often appear in multiple places. Their appearance resembles the head of a cauliflower with tiny black spots or flecks incorporated. They tend to sit proud of the skin surface, have a callous around them and can grow rapidly in size. In most cases they do not hurt unless they are situated on a weight bearing spot and then they can give some discomfort.

Verrucas are a virus and are contagious where as corns are a compacted build up of your own cells in the epidermis. In both cases they need treatment.

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