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Heels to Flats, Watch Out!

Just a short reminder to all you long term high heel wearer’s out there about a common problem that can affect you as the holiday season approaches. So you have been wearing your heels every day for work and you have booked and are really looking forward to your holiday where you can kick them off and slip on your flip flops or flats for a couple of weeks. This unfortunately is where the problems can start. The dramatic change for the tendon which attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone can cause fraying to occur and either a sore achilles or central heel pain can be the result, causing misery. When you wear high heels regularly the achilles tendon tends to shorten. A sudden change to flats excessively extends the tendon which can result in trauma to the tendon itself or its attachment. My advise is that over a short period of time before your holiday reduce the height of the heel you wear so that your achilles gradually adapts its range of movement hopefully preventing damage that going straight into flats can cause.

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