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Haglund’s Bump.

Are you one of the many people who have a lump on the back of your heel? Does it sometimes get inflamed and become sore? Are you wearing high heels with a rigid heel cup or a pair of football boots that are simply too tight? If yes, you probably have a Haglund’s Bump.

Haglund’s Bump is a bone spur that has formed between the back of the heel bone and the Achilles tendon. If too much pressure has been applied it can become inflamed and sore and sometimes a bursa will form making it quite painful to wear shoes or even to walk.

Give your feet a break from the footwear that causes you the grief. Sometimes orthotics are required or a heel lift can help. Ice the area to aid reduction of the inflammation. Do regular Achilles tendon stretches and see your Podiatrist for help and advise.

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