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Monday morning blues!

I have just had one of my favorite patients in for an appointment. I know you shouldn’t have favorites but she is one of mine, I just can’t help it. She is a lovely lady, a regular visitor, 6 weekly, and has always been keen to keep her feet in good working order as she approaches her twilight years. But on this particular occasion she explained that she had not been in the best of health over recent weeks and in fact she felt quite down. We chatted, as we always do during her treatment, her feet, our bad backs, the arts, politics and as usual we laughed alot and at the end of the session we both agreed that the half hour had done us both the world of good. It certainly felt like we had beaten the Monday morning blues! She bounced out of the clinic saying she was floating on air but not just because her feet felt great but her spirits too. I completely agreed, she had lifted my spirits also and it certainly made my Monday a much more enjoyable day for having been in her company.It made me think that talking over your problems with someone removed from your everyday life can often make the problem less of a big deal. Does positive thinking go some way to help the individual accept a condition or problem and then ultimately conquer it? Yes I think it probably does. No Monday morning blues for us.

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